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Pony Creator v3  Mario Bros Flash  My Little Dog

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 Halloween Games (click for all Halloween Games)
Bubble Hit: Halloween  played 3,009 times to date.  Burst theseHalloween bubbles with a haunting pop!
Bubble Hit: Halloween
Devilish Trick played 1,791 times to date.  Her tricky spells can't pull the magic over your eyes...see within
Devilish Trick
 Halloween Scene! Coloring Page played 2,127 times to date.  Under the light of a full harvest moon, everything is more colorful and exciting!
Halloween Scene! Coloring Page
Make a Pumpkin played 535 times to date.  Make a Pumpkin, Have Fun with this Halloween Pumpkin Activity
Make a Pumpkin
Creepy Cooking played 2,442 times to date.  If it creeps or crawls, it’s on the menu and your customers’ wishlists!
Creepy Cooking
Pumpkin Story played 620 times to date.  Aim and shoot the pumpkin into the air to caputre the floating jack-o-lanterns.
Pumpkin Story
Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book played 144 times to date.  Discover the elusive secrets and hidden terrors in this foreboding manor
Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book


 21 Current Popular Games at WebPaws Played 2,865 Times Since October 01, 2014
Pony Creator v3 played 252,059 times to date and played 868 times this month.  Create your very own Pony with this Pony Creator Game
Pony Creator v3
Unfair Mario played 263,188 times to date and played 258 times this month.  Play Mario where each new level tries to kill you. Can you remember where the traps are?
Unfair Mario
Run played 56,492 times to date and played 219 times this month.  Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!
BTD5 Unlocked played 10,096 times to date and played 209 times this month.  As you know, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of the best ever free online tower defense games you can play with bloons (balloons) and monkey, and darts. Monkey throwing darts. AKA monkey towers.
Bloons Tower Defense 5 Unlocked
Bloons TD5 played 33,410 times to date and played 202 times this month.  Defend your fort against the evil balloons at all costs using monkey towers and monkey snipers in Bloons TD 5
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Mario Cart 3d played 43,796 times to date and played 149 times this month.  Mario lost his car and now he has to race his friends using something a little less conventional!
Mario Cart 3d
Mario Bros Flash (v3.0, level editor) played 172,807 times to date and played 89 times this month.  Yet another Super Mario flash remake. It has a level editor so have fun
Mario Bros Flash
Bubble Shooter played 83,358 times to date and played 71 times this month.  Try the addictive classic that started the bubble-popping phenomenon.
Bubble Shooter
Super Mario Moto played 39,035 times to date and played 71 times this month.  Mario in now doing free-style motocross in this game called Super Mario Moto
Super Mario Moto
Minecraft 2D Online played 2,498 times to date and played 71 times this month.  2D Minecraft World is 300 x 80 tiles (24,000 tiles per chunk)
Minecraft 2D Online
Run and Jump 2 played 7,875 times to date and played 69 times this month.  The figure keeps on running. Make sure you go to the left or right in time and jump to catch the golden ball. Don't fall down.
Run and Jump 2
Kitten Maker played 58,684 times to date and played 68 times this month.  Custom kitten creation: cause for a cat-lovers celebration!
Kitten Maker
Sonic the Hedgehog - Ultimate Flash Sonic played 50,377 times to date and played 66 times this month.  You do not know how to play the classic Sega arcade game Sonic the Hedgehog? Er, ok... run quickly, jump on things, collect rings, run even more quickly, avoid dying. Ok? It's really good fun!
Ultimate Flash Sonic
Angry Birds played 39,275 times to date and played 66 times this month.  The Pig King and his snivelling underlings have stolen all your eggs!  Rescue your eggs and take down their fortress with the only ammo you have... yourself!
Angry Birds
Marios Adventure 2 played 44,299 times to date and played 65 times this month.  Play as Mario in this 3D looking sequel to Mario's Adventure! Play through multiple levels collecting coins, pouncing on enemies, and making your way through small dangerous obstacles.
Marios Adventure 2
Mario Vs Sonic Racing 2 played 53,014 times to date and played 60 times this month.  Mario and Sonic is back. This time they are racing against each other, choose Mario or Sonic and clear all levels in the very cool game Mario Vs Sonic Racing. Enjoy!
Mario Vs Sonic Racing 2
Donkey Kong played 24,096 times to date and played 59 times this month.  Help Mario save the girl.  Watch out, Donkey Kong sees you coming.
Donkey Kong
Mario Bros Flash v3.0 played 53,332 times to date and played 56 times this month.  You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser
Mario Bros Flash v3.0
DuckLife 2 played 38,813 times to date and played 52 times this month.  A pet raising simulation. Travel the globe racing your duck to compete in the World Championship!
DuckLife 2
Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure played 27,975 times to date and played 50 times this month.  Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Game
Wubbzys Amazing Adventure
Bloons Super Monkey played 11,672 times to date and played 47 times this month.  Bloons Super Monkey Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...Super Monkey! And he's banana...
Bloons Super Monkey
  Games from WebPaws (A-Z) or (Z-A)  
Dancing Bug played 881 times to date.  Click on the buttons, choose dance moves and watch the bug dancing!
Dancing Bug
Dancing Oscar played 973 times to date.  Make Oscar Dance around with your mouse
Dancing Oscar
Dancing Penguin played 244 times to date.  The little cute penguin likes dancing and morning exercise, at the break of day, the penguin got up and dancing outside. Would you like to dress up and makeover the pretty dancer?...Have Fun!
Dancing Penguin
Data Worm played 857 times to date.  Become a data mining worm. A very fun game which is easy to learn.
Data Worm
Day in the Park with Coconut played 1,022 times to date.  Day in the Park with Coconut
Day in the Park
Decorate New Year's Card played 122 times to date.  Send your season's greetings with a custom-made card!
Decorate New Year's Card
Decorate the Circus played 814 times to date.  Join Jinx, Minx, and the rest of the gang for a fun-filled day under the big top!
Decorate the Circus
Deep Reef played 1,453 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Deep Reef
Deep Sea Dive played 229 times to date.  Swap two adjacent ocean creatures to make horizontal or vertical matches
Deep Sea Dive
Defend Your Nuts 2 played 1,252 times to date.  The monsters return, yet the squirrel will prevail with his bunny friends.  Collect coins and supplies to keep your defenses strong. The nuts must be protected or the game will end
Defend Your Nuts 2
Designer Trends 3D played 1,603 times to date.  ake your love of dress-up to the next dimension! Design outfits for 3D girls who walk, dance, and chill out!
Designer Trends 3D
Despereaux Swings played 969 times to date.  Swing Despereaux around to collect items and find the way out!  Help Despereaux progress throught the levels.
Despereaux Swings
Devilish Christmas played 452 times to date.  There’s something devilish going on in the chimney...
Devilish Christmas
Devilish Trick played 1,791 times to date.  Her tricky spells can't pull the magic over your eyes...see within
Devilish Trick
Devilish Valentine played 503 times to date.  Love is sweet, sweet poison...
Devilish Valentine
Diego's Turtle played 520 times to date.  Help Diego hunt with the Sea Turtle, Tuga.  Catch the jelly fish and letters by pressing the turtle.
Diego's Turtle
Dillo Hills 1  played 259 times to date.   Run down the hill and soar into the air as you pick up speed.
Dillo Hills 1
Dillo Hills 2  played 403 times to date.   Fly over hill tops in this multiplayer release of Dillo Hills.
Dillo Hills 2
Dino Blitz  played 752 times to date.  >Shoot Dino eggs at the bricks to remove them. Create levels and share with friends! Or complete the 40 levels.
Dino Blitz
Dino Dream played 425 times to date.  This darling dino just wants his mama!
Dino Dream
Dino Faster played 124 times to date.  This is a prehistoric dinosaur foot race
Dino Faster
Dino Run played 961 times to date.  Dino Run Escape the wall of doom and find your dino sanctuary!
Dino Run
Dino Rush played 1,191 times to date.  This prehistoric day out with dad might make YOU history
Dino Rush
Dinosaur Coloring played 880 times to date.  Dinosaur Coloring No one knows what colors dinosaurs were, so make it any color you like!
Dinosaur Coloring
Dinosaur Dash played 659 times to date.  Lead this baby triceratops on a leaf-hunting dash and bash through this prehistoric terrain!
Dinosaur Dash

 played 546 times to date.  Prehistoric winds have blown your pterodactyl eggs out of your nest! Gather'em quickly!
Discover Istanbul  played 97 times to date.  Unlock the gems of Istanbul one puzzle board at a time.
Discover Istanbul
Distinctive Dresses for Halloween played 1,514 times to date.  So many special and distinctive dresses for girls on Halloween. Would you like to try out? I'm sure that you will be the most special girls in these dresses on this year’s Halloween.
Distinctive Dresses for Halloween
DIY Baby Dragon played 552 times to date.  Another 'Make your own [Dragon]' only this one's way more awesome...
DIY Baby Dragon
Sues Dog Beauty Salon played 3,737 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Dog Beauty Salon
Dog Bones played 1,066 times to date.  Help the dog find all of the hidden bones!
Dog Bones
Dog Bones played 856 times to date.  Help the puppies collect all the bones left by the big doggy.  Don't get caught!
Dog Bones
Dog Fight - Fly played 6,189 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Dog Fight
Dog Hairdresser played 2,132 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Dog Hairdresser
Dog Park Game  played 1,457 times to date.  Take your furry friend to a dog park for fun with frisbees and more! Watch out for the doggie obstacles.
Dog Park Game