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Definition of FFA

Free-for-all links list, where there are no qualifications for adding a link.

FFA pages are nothing more than raw link pages. They often have no categorization, no review... and no traffic. On the plus side, many do offer marketers the gratification of instant submission -- something not found easily elsewhere -- although the gratification does not last long.

The link pages are often powered by an FFA script. The script automates the addition of new links and the deletion of old links once a limit has been reached. Automated submission scripts exist, too. The submission scripts and the processing scripts keep each other busy with minimal human intervention of any kind.

FFAs constitute most of the "search engines" and "directories" on products designed to "submit your site to thousands of search engines and directories." While this sounds like a potentially good source of visitors, the reality is that these sites get very little worthwhile traffic, and their benefits in terms of link popularity may be overstated.

Looking for no cost website promotion? Free For All Link web pages are perfect for this. A Free For All links web page, FFA or FFALP is a web page with a list of links. The link page could contain several categories to post your link to or it could be topic specific. Many web site owners choose FFA Link pages to build traffic. Some choose FFA Link Pages to gather email addresses. If you don't like spam, it's best to post to a FFA that doesn't require your email address. We have added a list of Free for All Link pages that you can submit your web site to without fear of SPAM. To have your site automatically included in the major search engines (recommended) such as AOL, MSN, and Overture, please visit our Paid Search Engine Submission Page.