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Website Tracking Program

WebPaws.com offers a full tracking program to new and existing clients who have had their websites designed by us. We offer this service by creating an account in our client login section and following the links to your exclusive tracking program.


  • Track Unique Hits per Hour/Day/Week/Month/Year
  • Top 15 Browsers
  • Top 15 Operating Systems
  • Top 15 Extensions
  • Top 15 Robots
  • Top 15 Hosts
  • Top 15 Visited Pages
  • Top 15 Origins/Referred Pages
  • Top 15 Keywords
  • Hostnames
  • and Number of Visits

Example Shots of Tracking Info

tracking_global.gif - 26963 Bytes
Global Tracking Info

tracking_details.gif - 32472 Bytes
Detail Tracking Info

tracking_time.gif - 13905 Bytes
Time Tracking Info

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