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Achieving a Web Presence


Achieving a presence on the World Wide Web is a must in today’s fast-paced, real-time, information-intense, global business community. Let be your one-stop shop for web site design and development services. will jumpstart your home page or web pages onto the World Wide Web to allow you to achieve your business objectives. is a company composed of web design and development specialists who will work with you to attain your online presence on the World Wide Web.

What The Web Will Do For Your Business

Whether your goals are marketing your products and services to new or bigger audiences, improving the quality of your customer support services, reducing administrative overhead expenses associated with printed document publications, fax, courier services, etc., or enhancing communications within your organization, a well-developed and maintained web site will help you meet your goals.

What the Web will do for your business and what specializes in includes the following:

  • Market your products and services
  • Provide real-time product and informational services
  • Database Design and implementation
  • Interactive-dynamic site pages for customer or employee interactions
  • Improve the quality of your customer support services
  • Reduce expenses associated with mail, courier services, faxes, printed publications
  • Increases your visibility from local/regional to World Wide
  • Enhance communications
  • Provide ready access to anybody – customer, supplier, consumer, etc.
  • Provide a management, decision-making tool based on available information
  • Provide a consistent user interface and information source
  • Provide an interactive presence and multimedia (graphics, animation, music, etc.) capabilities for users
  • Support public relations
  • Support a corporate image
  • Levels the competive playing ground
  • Provide an internal employee informational or data sharing site or Intranet
  • Support links to other supporting businesses or additional information so that users do not have to spend a considerable amount of time searching for relevant information

Supporting Statistics

The World Wide Web is a prominent force in our daily lives. Witness the fact that since July, 1993, the number of Web hosts and domains have exploded from 1,776,000 hosts and 26,000 domains to 12,881,000 hosts and 488,000 domains in July, 1996. That is a 625% increase in the number of hosts, and a 1,777% increase in the number of domains just over the span of three years!

The Web Explosion

stats_all.gif - 20100 Bytes

stats_dom.gif - 24990 Bytes

Count Host

Other statistics that support the impact of the World Wide Web on our daily lives are cited from the Internet Index:

    • Estimated volume of sales generated by the WWW in 1995 (in millions of dollars): 436
    • Estimated volume of sales generated by the WWW in 1998 (in millions of dollars): 46,000
    • Estimated size of the Internet access market in 1997, in billions of dollars: 2.5
    • Number of states with organized programs for schools on Net Day 1996: 27
    • Number of private Internet providers in Egypt: 7
    • Number of domains registered in Liechtenstein: 100
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