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Web Design Services

WebPaws.com can create custom Web pages specifically for your company. We offer Web design and Web Site hosting services aimed at providing individuals, small businesses, and organizations Internet presence at affordable prices. Our Web Site designs will give you the professional look you want without the additional cost. All of our Web page designs are unique, and tailored to your needs. Using a wide variety of Internet technologies, WebPaws.com can create the Web Site that is best for you or your organization. Special pricing is available to churches and non–profit organizations. We offer top quality Web page design and Web Site hosting services aimed at providing Internet presence to individuals, organizations, and small businesses at affordable prices.

Our Services Include:

  • Intranet Web Site Design: – WebPaws.com is a complete solution source for your Internet Site. (Your company’s internal Home Page) A company’s internal audience is one of it’s most important stakeholders. WebPaws.com can help companies communicate their core values, motivate and train employees, improve Human Resource procedures and increase productivity from intranets to interactive newsletters.
  • Home Page Development: – Expert HTML & PHP design, artistic layout, technical writing, MySQL design and implementation, Java Scripting, etc.
  • Custom Graphics: – WebPaws.com can create custom graphic designs just for your site.
  • Web Site Hosting: – WebPaws.com can host your Web Page(s) for you.
  • On–line Forms – On–line forms processing. Receive your customer forms input as formatted e–mail, on your fax machine, or loaded into your orders database.
  • Multimedia Features: – Multimedia for your Web Site includes PowerPoint Presentations, Excel spreadsheets, electronic brochures for downloading, audio and video, animated images and logos ... you name it.
  • Web to Database Integration: – Database management systems to integrate your essential data with Web pages and receive customer information directly into a database for automatic processing.
  • Web Search Engine: – Web Site search engine to provide searchable pages on your Web Site by keyword from a select list and with full database query capabilities.
  • Domain Name Services: – WebPaws.com can register a Web address that presents a professional on–line image (www.yourcompany.com).
  • Internet Faxing:Lynch Consulting, Inc.’s Web–to–Faxsm to receive your Web page inquiries or customer orders immediately on your fax, to direct faxes about your services to your customers from your Web site, and to fax from your workstation using the Internet for as little as US$.15 per delivered page.
  • Secured Transactions: – Secured server transaction and password protected Web pages for confidential information and safe credit card transactions online.
  • Shopping Carts: – WebPaws.com can set up a shopping cart program to help make buying online easy for your customers.
  • E–Mail Forwarding: – Have your business e–mail address forwarded to any other address you select.
  • Web Site Promotions: – Web Site promotional services including content used for submitting your Web Site to search engines, announcing your Site to newsgroups, and distributing your press release on the Internet, locate hot sites that attract your target market, and request links to your Web Site so you can tap into existing visitor traffic.



There are seven critical parts to a good Web Site design. They are consulting, content, presentation, interactivity, consistency, speed and a theme.


The Web Designers you hire have to be in tune with you, your company/organization, your market segment, your competition and the services/products/information you wish to present. Whether a business or a non–profit organization, these factors will dictate the whole design, placement, features, etc. of your Web Site. WebPaws.com will get to know you and your needs before committing to a design and implementation strategy of your project.


Even with a well structured Web Site, if the content (the reason people are visiting the Site in the first place) does not provide the information the person is looking for, you will not be getting the results you want. The information contained in any Web Site should be useful, and instructive for the visitor. They should be able to get the same information they would get by talking with you directly.


The Site should be designed to allow the viewer to easily find the information he or she is looking for and to move from place to place within the Site without getting lost. If the Web Site is difficult to navigate the viewer may just give up. There are few things more frustrating than to search page after page and never find what you were looking for. We keep this principle in mind with every Web Site we design. Ease of use is one of our major goals when designing a Web Site.


The ability for your viewers to interact with your Site will keep their attention. Linking plays an important role in the interaction process whether internally within the page being viewed or externally to other pages within or outside your site. The use of forms help to gather the specific information you are looking for from your viewer as they input data and or answer questions. Mapping graphics with links or other actions adds some flair. Database integration is the ultimate in interactivity, allowing on Site searches, processing questions, and gathering data specifically requested by the viewer.


To balance your page, a consistent look and feel will ease your viewer’s navigation and use. A link back to your Home Page is very important to have in every page within your Site to ensure visitors coming in from a search to a non–indexed page can find your home page and all other relevant pages. Link bars or a side bar column help. The style of the page should reflect what the page is saying. The background, text formats and graphic positions are key.


Another consideration is the amount of time the pages take to load. Graphics and animation have brought the WWW to a new and exciting level. However, too much of a good thing isn't necessarily good at all; and what works fine on print and in magazines can be death to interactivity. The vast majority of people using the Web at this time are using 14.4k modems. It is important to keep this in mind since a 14.4k modem will take quite a while to load a page bogged down with graphics. How do you feel when you sit by minute after minute waiting for a page to load? This doesn't mean that a page has to be devoid of graphics to be effective. We simply try to keep the image sizes as small as possible to allow the fastest transfers without forsaking the quality of the image. This is a challenge at times but it can be done and it is an important factor to the overall effectiveness of the site.


The theme of your Home Page is telling the underlying story of your organization or company. Your viewer should pick up on your theme after reading your index (Home) page.

We take all the factors into consideration when designing a site. We will work with you to determine yours needs and objectives, help you organize and edit the data, and put it all together to give you a Site that will be informative, productive and esthetically interesting to you and your viewers.


If you have a design already in mind, either laid out in detail or just scratched out on a piece of paper we can do it for you. All we will need are the plans and materials you have and we will put them together for you. In fact, the more information you have the better. If you already have graphics you want to use, great. If you have the written content on disk that is even better. It is much easier for us if you know exactly what you want ahead of time. Before the job is finished it will be uploaded and you will have the opportunity to look it over and see if there any changes or adjustments you would like made. It is your Site and you have the control over its content and how it will look.

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