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Web Site Marketing

WebPaws.com provides a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art Internet marketing applications and products, extensive small business and marketing experience and unparalleled personal customer service to help you realize your priorities and objectives.

Increase your website presence. WebPaws.com will ensure your website is ranked in the major search engines and directories and drive qualified traffic to your web site by optimizing keywords that your customers search for.

Search Engine Advertising is a highly targeted avenue of promotion that gives you the ability to qualify customers before they enter your website. WebPaws.com can guide you through the process of paid advertising via search engines through our personal consultation, design, and development. This method of advertising is an extremely effective solution to quickly generate revenue when implemented as part of a yearly online marketing plan or during a specific need period.

Experience greater online presence and higher traffic to your website. WebPaws.com will negotiate the most effective advertising and online partnerships with other web sites to increase your visibility and marketability.

WebPaws.com provides consulting services that ensure your online marketing efforts are strategic and focused on deriving maximum revenue from your website. We leverage our knowledge and expertise with current Internet and marketing trends and provide regular recommendations for content updates, enhancements and new features.

WebPaws.com will take proactive measures to monitor the online marketing initiatives of your competitors and provide periodic analysis and recommendations to ensure your website is the online market leader within your competitive set. WebPaws.com’s E Business Consulting program includes a range of website solutions based on extensive competitive research, constant assessment of industry trends and technological advancements, and a strong working knowledge of your target markets and overall marketing and business objectives.

Do you have a marketing plan for your website? After surveying your current online marketing efforts, WebPaws.com will recommend Internet marketing and e-business solutions that will target your company’s specific goals and objectives.

WebPaws.com will analyze your website from the perspective of design, usability and functionality and evaluate its effectiveness as a sales tool. This invaluable analysis will determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses and provide you with solutions to enhance your website, your image and your ability to generate revenue.

Your website should always be your primary vehicle for selling online; but the role of online intermediaries can not be overlooked if one wishes to remain competitive. It is important that every site that includes your company name reflects your business position and provides the information potential your customers desire in order to help them choose your company over one of your competitors.

WebPaws.com will research your positioning in relation to your competitive set on the major distribution channels or search engines and other competitive internet avenues. We will tell you how you can compete on these distribution channels or search engines.

In order to maximize your distribution channel representation, WebPaws.com will work directly with distribution channel or search engine representatives on your behalf to help maximize each channel’s production for your company. Furthermore, we will provide you with periodic recommendations and information about promotional opportunities on these channels/engines based on your specific revenue management objectives.

Capture invaluable information about your users, where they are from, how they use your site and so much more, with WebPaws.com’s data collection and profile reports. WebPaws.com will create a data warehouse and user profiles of your online clients to be used for your future online marketing programs.

Make your website a revenue-generating department. Let the strategists at WebPaws.com create a revenue model to show you how to take advantage of your website and increase revenue through e-commerce.

Increase your click-through rate with WebPaws.com's Search Engine Marketing Techniques.

Increase your customer base and retention with special marketing techniques at WebPaws.com.

Some clients may increase first-time customers with customer testimonials. Let WebPaws.com help you promote your products.

Does Your existing Website Need Help? - We can also recharge your site, re-designing older content (give your site a makeover) to take advantage of current internet technologies. Recharging your site, making it easier to navigate, increase customer retention and marketability.

Payment Processing Update - WebPaws.com will help you to accept credit cards, donations, and electronic checks on the Internet.

WebPaws.com will help you revise your Marketing Plan to include web site technologies.

Subscriber Email - WebPaws.com can more than double your subscribers.

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