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Keyword Advertising (PPC)

Search sites like Google and agencies like Overture provide opportunities to gain visibility through the purchase of keyword advertising which is also often refered to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. When a user searches for a particular word or phrase, they are presented with highly targeted ads based upon their search terms. When users click on these ads, they are taken to the advertiser’s website. Typically advertisers pay little or nothing unless someone clicks on their ad, hence "pay per click."

Keyword advertising is...

  • Effective - Research has shown that keyword advertising is much more effective than banner ads because it provides information that is highly relevant to what the user is searching for.
  • Flexible - You have more control over your keyword advertising program than virtually any other form of advertising. You specify where and when to advertise, to whom, how much you would like to pay per click (PPC), and how much you will spend per day.
  • Affordable - Nominal setup fees and bid-for-placement give you complete control of your keyword advertising expenditures, and you can often find less competitive keywords to improve your ROI.
  • Responsive - Keyword advertising campaigns can be set up in minutes and changed almost instantly.
  • Informative - Your keyword ad response rates can inform your other marketing efforts. Your PPC campaign can be used to identify popular terminology and to test advertising messages.

What We Provide

Bring our expertise to bear on your keyword advertising campaign:

  • Keyword Selection - Expand your advertising vocabulary with expert keyword research. We can help you find valuable terms that people use and that are less competitive (lower cost).
  • Keyword Matching Options - There are many ways to specify your search advertising terms, from broad match to exact match, that expand your ad exposure and can be used to reduce average cost-per-click.
  • Bid Management - We manage keyword bids to reach a balance between optimum keyword ad placement and cost-per-click. We will also balance your cost among various terms, ads, and campaigns.
  • Ad Creation - The right keyword ads can make all the difference. We will make the most of the limited space that keyword ads provide, obtaining high click-through rates with good lead pre-qualification.
  • Tracking - Keyword advertising's effectiveness can be measured very effectively, from clicks generated to campaign return on ad sales. We will help you see the ROI of your keyword advertising investment.
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