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5-Dice – Board and Card– Father's Day

5-Dice: Category: Board and Card, – Father's Day, Date Game added: 04-17-2013, Played: 2360 times
Game Overview: Einstein said, "God doesn't play dice with the universe.", but that doesn't mean you can't!
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How to Play

Roll the dice: You get 3 rolls. After each, click the dice you want to keep, and then click a cup to roll the rest again.

Assign Points: In each turn, you'll see the possible values for your roll in the table to the left. When you're done rolling, click one of the grey numbers to set your points for that turn.

How to Win: Complete the game by filling each row of the table to create the maximum point combination possible. Choose your dice carefully to accumulate more total points than your opponent(s) to win.

This Game has been played 2360 times to date.

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