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Welcome to WebPaws.com's turnkey website design services. We work hard with our clients to provide turnkey solutions to their website design requirements. All of our original web designs are tailored to fit your needs precisely. Be sure to check out our special deals on website hosting for significant savings. All our designs are coded to achieve premium rankings in natural search engine results for the specific objectives of our clients and meet or exceed W3C web design standards.

People look for products and services on the Internet
more than they do in the Yellow Pages, 7 to 1.

Our Designs

  • Responsive web design (RWD)
    • Use single HTML code base for all platforms: smart phone; tablet; desktop; etc.
  • Use current technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Follow W3C Standards
  • Websites we create:
    • Custom
    • Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.
    • eCommerce (Custom, Zen Cart, etc.)
    • Mobile
    • IntraNet
  • Enhanced on-site SEO in each design
  • Usability best practices applied to each design
  • Content creation and optimization

Design Highlights

  • All designs are custom hand coded and optimized for high rankings in natural search engine results
  • All HTML5 & CSS3 designs are World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Valid
  • Developed several database products using MySQL and PHP for websites including a Dictionary, a subscription based multi-mailing list, a horoscope program, an Intranet Business Calendar and an RSS/XML linked Headline News Ticker
  • WBT – designed an SQL based exam with quiz subsets leading to an on-line certificate
  • Features designs with dynamic pages using PHP, JavaScript/jQuery and MySQL Databases
  • Developed eCommerce websites for several clients with PHP\MySQL and MS SQL\ASP based designs as well as Zen Cart, and other online store management systems.

Site Design

$795 for up to 6 Pages
No setup charges, first time customers only.
WebPaws.com's Rate Card
    View our Website Design Rate Card here.

We prefer to charge for design on an hourly basis because each site is different. Our rate is $100/hour for in-house work. For website designs over 20 hours the hourly rate is reduced to $85/hour, and designs that take more than 50 hours are reduced to $70/hour. We do not charge for consultations or phone calls during the design process.

We also have "a la mode" pricing if you want to know exactly how much your site will cost ahead of time. This pricing is a little higher than our standard rates, but if the project takes longer than usual, there will be no additional charges. If your site is going to be very basic, we recommend you stick with our hourly rates.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is billed at $50/hour. You can purchase maintenance packages with significant savings (up to 20% off our standard rate):

 Maintenance Packages:
           6 hours —  $270
         12 hours —  $510
         18 hours —  $720

Design A La Carté


WebPaws.com Example Custom Website Design Packages

Dynamic Resume Page

Publish your resume on-line

  1. Can convert Word Documents
  2. Add your image or relative graphics
  3. Add relative links to enhance material
  4. Include pop-ups to add info

Realestate Package

Provide trackable MLS listings
to increase turnovers

  1. Main company page
  2. Contact page
  3. Four Dynamic Form
  4. Up to 20 pages of content
  5. MLS IDX module, $50/m
  6. Customized for your business

Shopping Cart Module

Add a shopping cart to your website

  1. Integrated and Designed into one of our Business Packages
  2. Complete Shopping Cart feature with admin database
  3. If Additional features required, will quote project


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