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Pony Creator v3 – Dress Up

Pony Creator v3: Category: Dress Up, Date Game added: 09-05-2013, Played: 700717 times
Game Overview: Create your very own Pony with this Pony Creator Game
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Sorry for the bad news, but Pony Creator V3 is no longer availble here. The game owner has asked us to remove this game from our website, but for the mean time, she has given us permission for you to use this link to her game: Pony Creator Full Version

Please Note: Click the Help Button [?] to learn how to navigate this game.

Pony Creator v3 by ~generalzoi

Click and drag the thumbnails left and right to see all the choices.

Click and drag the menu up and down to see all the options.

Read the "How to play the game" section before you complain about bugs.

Note: Art Credit for one specific mane and tail design by MaskedSugarGirl

This version does not have all the same content as the old one. It's missing some content, and it has some new content. However, I will not be adding or updating anything in any version of the game after this point. I'm sorry I couldn't add more content. It just takes so much time, and I don't have any time to give anymore. Whether or not you think this game is better than the previous version is just a matter of preference. The previous version has more content, this version has more features. It's up to you to see which version you like best. I think I did good work with this one, but I know lots of people use MLP manes for their characters, and want the option for cutie marks.

Things this game does have:
- The ability to turn the pony's head.
- Posing that is more accurate to the show.
- Some new manes and tails.
- New accessories like neck ties/necklaces and additional hats.
- Undo/redo buttons.
- The ability to zoom in or out on the pony.
- Poseable wings and tails! They don't highlight green like the other body parts, but if you click and drag them in Pose Mode you can move them around.

Things this game does not have:
- Any copyrighted mane (and matching tail) styles, which means no manes from the MLP show are in this game. This is because the new head turning features requires a lot more art, and I wasn't able to do that art for the copyrighted manes, so they weren't included.
- Cutie marks.
- Full body costumes, again because of the head turning.

How to play this game:
- The interface was designed for mobile devices, so you move things by clicking and dragging them. Click and drag the thumbnails left and right to scroll through them, and click and drag the menus up and down to see all the options.
- You can also click and drag the pony itself, and the irises for each eye.
- The purple arrow on the color picker lets you move between the default mode with a bunch of preset swatches, and a more customizable mode with a full spectrum you can choose from. You can also just enter hex values in the hex input fields if you'd rather do that.
- The button in the top right that says "Move Mode" will toggle between Move Mode (where clicking the pony will drag it around the screen) and Pose Mode (where clicking the pony will trigger customizable posing).
- Save images by clicking the camera icon in the upper left.
- The head turning option is under the Finish -> Pose menu, if you're having trouble finding it.

- Don't sell images from the game.
- Don't post the game to any other sites.
- Crediting me for your images is not required, but remember that whether you credit me or not you can't sell them.

If you see a bug or want more content:
- Don't tell me. This game is presented as-is. No changes will be done.

This Game has been played 700717 times to date.

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