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Mine Blocks - Minecraft 2D – Minecraft

Mine Blocks - Minecraft 2D: Category: Minecraft, Date Game added: 07-18-2014, Played: 37283 times
Game Overview: Welcome to Mine Blocks. Mine, build, craft and explore the lands of a new world. Your world.
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Mine Blocks

Welcome to Mine Blocks. Mine, build, craft and explore the lands of a new world. Your world.


Question: How do I place blocks? How do I only grab one item from a stack in the inventory? Right-clicking isn't working for me.
Answer: Shift-clicking is the equivalent of right-clicking in this game.

Question: The game is not loading/saving!
Answer: Right+click and go under settings. Go to the 'Local storage' tab, and slide the bar to 'Unlimited'. If the problem continues, then make sure your browser doesn't automatically delete cookies.

Question: Will there be multiplayer and texture packs?
Answer: No not in this game, sorry! Mine Blocks 2 will (most likely) have it though.

Question: Will there be mod support?
Answer: Flash games can't have mods, so no.

Question: What is ____ used for?
Answer: Some times, there are things you may find that don't do anything! Search the Mine Blocks wiki for informations on blocks or items.

Question: When is the next update?
Answer: It depends! Best way to find out is to wait.

Question: How can I download this?
Answer: Go to the website (Zanzlanz.com) to download the game. You can choose from either an exe or a zip file to download.

Question: Does this work on a Mac?
Answer: Only the online version will work for a Mac. The downloads are Windows files.

Question: What's with the lag?
Answer: The engine this game runs on is a little slow, and there can be some lag, but you can try using it on a different computer. Sometimes certain areas of the game lag more than others, such as deserts, or near lots of light. If it helps, try staying out of these areas. Setting the quality to 1 in the options of the pause menu reduces particles to help make the game faster. If it's really necessary, you may turn the difficulty to 'Lonely Mode' because some times, many mobs can cause lag.

Question: Falo português. Posso alterar o idioma?
Answer: Não, você não pode mudar o idioma ainda. Se precisar de ajuda, tente usar o Google Translate.

This Game has been played 37283 times to date.

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