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Pony Creator v3  Mine Clone v2 Minecraft  Turkey To Go

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Broken Calculator played 418 times to date.  Eric has smashed his calculator, but some of it still works, so can you help him get the answers?
Broken Calculator
8 Planets The Solar System Game played 2,467 times to date.  Create your own solar system! Learn the names of our planets while having fun
8 Planets The Solar System Game
Kaleid played 1,216 times to date.  Match these mosaics to create a crazy kaleidoscope!
Mind Test Math played 325 times to date.  Mind Test Math is an educational game for children to practice solving in 4 math operations such as multiplication, subtraction, addition and division.
Mind Test Math
World capitals played 238 times to date.  World capitals is a challenging quiz that children can play without any cost
World capitals
Photosynthesis played 231 times to date.  The basics of photosynthesis is explained and illustrated making the concept easier to understand
Mario Typing played 7,790 times to date.  Test your writing skills in this game of Mario typing.
Mario Typing


 21 Current Popular Games at WebPaws Played 53,901 Times Since August 01, 2015
Pony Creator v3 played 608,006 times to date and played 12,075 times this month.  Create your very own Pony with this Pony Creator Game
Pony Creator v3
Minecraft 2D Online played 48,543 times to date and played 3,592 times this month.  2D Minecraft World is 300 x 80 tiles (24,000 tiles per chunk)
Minecraft 2D Online
Create-A-Warrior played 23,864 times to date and played 3,400 times this month.  Create your own Warrior Cat, ready for the world.
Mine Clone v2 Minecraft played 44,322 times to date and played 3,373 times this month.  If crafting a brave new world is on your mind, you should not skip this interesting game, which carries free environments for building everything.
Mine Clone v2 Minecraft
Dress up Pusheen played 35,910 times to date and played 3,080 times this month.  Dress up Pusheen!
Dress up Pusheen
Mine Clone played 39,329 times to date and played 2,638 times this month.  Enjoy a Minecraft clone made in Unity3D. Build and Destroy to make your own mining area
Mine Clone
Worldcraft played 35,781 times to date and played 2,192 times this month.  Worldcraft, Imagine a world entirely of your own making...now go build it!
Run played 100,426 times to date and played 2,106 times this month.  Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!
Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure played 48,747 times to date and played 1,999 times this month.  Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Game
Wubbzys Amazing Adventure
Wolf Maker played 35,370 times to date and played 1,986 times this month.  <p>A beautiful maker which lets you personalize your wolf down to individual patches of color. Pick your exact color and save your palette for ultimate customization.</p>
Wolf Maker
Skincraft played 28,529 times to date and played 1,968 times this month.  Skincraft is a free and easy to use Tool for creating Minecraft Skins.
Warrior Cat Maker V.4 played 26,490 times to date and played 1,939 times this month.  Warrior Cat Maker V.4
Warrior Cat Maker V.4
Mario Cart 3d played 83,974 times to date and played 1,752 times this month.  Mario lost his car and now he has to race his friends using something a little less conventional!
Mario Cart 3d
Mario Bros Flash v3.0 played 83,458 times to date and played 1,624 times this month.  You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser
Mario Bros Flash v3.0
Create-A-Wolf played 10,668 times to date and played 1,577 times this month.  Create your own Wolf with Create-A-Wolf by Frosted-Kitty
Unfair Mario played 320,116 times to date and played 1,508 times this month.  Play Mario where each new level tries to kill you. Can you remember where the traps are?
Unfair Mario
Minecraft: Tower Defense 2 played 20,881 times to date and played 1,508 times this month.  After leaving Happyville the pixel hero Steve is back in Minecraft Tower Defense 2 and you have to help him to defeat hordes of creepy creatures
Minecraft: Tower Defense 2
Minecraft: Mine Runner played 23,646 times to date and played 1,451 times this month.  Your home island is not the same as it used to be before.
Minecraft: Mine Runner
Mine Blocks - Minecraft 2D played 17,037 times to date and played 1,386 times this month.  Welcome to Mine Blocks.  Mine, build, craft and explore the lands of a new world.  Your world.
Mine Blocks - Minecraft 2D
Kitten Maker played 76,003 times to date and played 1,383 times this month.  Custom kitten creation: cause for a cat-lovers celebration!
Kitten Maker
Mario Craft played 24,012 times to date and played 1,364 times this month.  Mario Craft is an adventure game, so what will you discover when you accompany Mario in this adventure?
Mario Craft
  Games from WebPaws   (Z-A) or (A-Z)  
Hammie the Painter played 584 times to date.  Move over Monet: this hamsters got talent!
Hammie the Painter
Hamnster played 1,462 times to date.  A fun yet challenging platform game
Hamster Pet played 2,228 times to date.  Play with your new pet hamster.  Feed him, water him, let him run on the haster wheel.  Lots of fun!
Hamster Pet
Hamster Race  played 624 times to date.  Whip around the loop and see how far you can go!
Hamster Race
Hangman Game with Math Words played 860 times to date.  Play Hangman with Math Words, oh and a few other words, too ... so watch out!
Hangman Game with Math Words
Hansel and Gretel Decoration played 982 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Hansel & Gretel Decor
Hansel and Gretel Village played 1,014 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Hansel & Gretel Villa
Happy 4th of July Find the Flags played 307 times to date.  It is the time of Brave, Independence and Joy with the 4th of July
Happy 4th of July Find the Flags
Happy Halloween Dressup played 1,255 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Happy Halloween Dressup
Happy Music played 968 times to date.  Have fun with this cute baby musician.
Happy Music
Happy Santa played 1,899 times to date.  Light up these houses with the happiness of Christmas gifting joy  Happy Yule.
Happy Santa
Happy St. Patrick's Day played 647 times to date.  Cute Patrick, the puppy, is ready to celebrate his favorite holiday dressed up with some of his choicest vivid green clothes accessorized with his loveliest clover patterned accessories
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Happy Stacking played 327 times to date.  Pile up these smiling boxes before your time runs out.
Happy Stacking
Happydemic played 323 times to date.  The residents of this city are down in the dumps. Unleash a pandemic of happiness to cheer them up. :)
Harry Potter & the Marauders Map  played 1,220 times to date.  In this game you have to guide Harry Potter around the different mazes and collect all of the lego pieces in the time limit. Use the Arrow Keys to move around inside the maze.
Harry Potter & the Marauders Map
Harry Potter Galleon played 782 times to date.  To play this game you move your mouse to aim the thrower. Click your mouse to fire the object located in the center of the thrower. Press the spacebar to throw a power up.
Harry Potter Galleon
Harry Potter Galleon played 1,590 times to date.   Clear all the games and coins from the screen by matching three or more objects of the same type
Harry Potter Galleon
Harry Potter's Ghoul Attic played 916 times to date.  To play, watch the pattern of the ratted items. When the ghoul is finished, repeat his pattern by clicking the same items with your mouse. Then add one item of your own to the end of the pattern. Repeat until you have either beaten the ghoul (this may take many levels) or made a mistake. Good luck
Harry Potter's Ghoul Attic
Harry Potter's Magic Makeover played 1,606 times to date.  We have witnessed Harry Potter's survival of so many thrilling adventures with his friends. As the establishment anniversary of Hogwarts is drawing near, why don't we have a magic makeover for them? Start now and have fun!
Harry Potter's Magic Makeover
Harry The Hamster played 901 times to date.  Help Harry escape from the cat, connect the pipes and tubes to make a pathway to safety for Harry.
Harry The Hamster
Harry The Hamster 3 played 1,198 times to date.   Harry was enjoying a trundle around the garden in his hamster ball, but now the evil cat has him trapped and is getting his nasty servants to attack
Harry The Hamster 3
Harvest Honors
 played 39,629 times to date.  Fun multiplayer game.  Collect 100 carrots first in this puzzle (Bejeweled-like) game.
Harvest Honors
Haunted House played 2,622 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Haunted House
Haunted House  played 12,439 times to date.   You are trapped inside the Haunted House and must find your way out by collecting missing items.
Haunted House
Haunted House Painting played 1,665 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Haunted House Paint
Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book played 577 times to date.  Discover the elusive secrets and hidden terrors in this foreboding manor
Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book
Haunted Hybrid played 1,032 times to date.  Fly Frieda through the dark sczry forest by using your mouse grabbing all the candy corn and pumpkins you come accros!
Haunted Hybrid
Heli Force X played 4,826 times to date.   This is your chance to safe lives! Get in the heli, fly away and go looking for people in need.
Heli Force X
Heli Racer played 514 times to date.  Hold the Left Mouse Button down to gain lift and turn left and right by moving the cursor to the left and right of your Helicopter
Heli Racer
Hello Halloween  played 454 times to date.  Find your way through the maze and into the light.
Hello Halloween
Hello Kitty Room played 2,094 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Hello Kitty Room
Hero Simulator played 51 times to date.  Can you create the perfect warrior to take on all of the challenges in this totally chaotic world?
Hero Simulator
Hidden Pocket Creature played 1,019 times to date.  Crank up the fun and seek with a cute pocket-creature companion!
Hidden Pocket Creature
Hide 'n Sheep played 3,370 times to date.  Use your memory skills to pick which barrels those pesky sheep are hiding under!
Hide 'n Sheep
Home Sheep Home  played 1,362 times to date.  Whether large or small, each sheep can pull some weight for all!
Home Sheep Home