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Jade Wolf 2
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Rainbow Tornado  Mine Clone  Pony Creator v3

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 93 Halloween Games (click for all Halloween Games)
Wicthmart played 1,125 times to date.  Help Gorga, the WitchMart shopkeeper complete all his potion orders in time. WARNING: Not appropriate for all children
Mr. Pumpkin & the Halloween Night played 359 times to date.  The ghouls are out and about - if you know where to look...
Mr. Pumpkin & the Halloween Night
Skulls played 544 times to date.  Halloween Bloons, with bones and skulls and more!
This is Halloween played 578 times to date.  A boy ( vintagebro ) is disappointed of how Halloween is different than how it used to be, he says goodbye to his friend Doggy & leaves home for a night's rest, when suddenly he finds himself in an eerie looking place, only to find that it's
This is Halloween
 Halloween Scene! Coloring Page played 2,572 times to date.  Under the light of a full harvest moon, everything is more colorful and exciting!
Halloween Scene! Coloring Page
Halloween Smash played 42 times to date.  Line up 3 or more Halloween items to clear them.  Clear as many as you can in 5 minutes to score the most points.
Halloween Smash
Terrific Halloween  played 520 times to date.  Find the differences between each Halloween picture. Use hints if you get stuck.
Terrific Halloween


 21 Current Popular Games at WebPaws Played 24,248 Times Since October 01, 2015
Tom & Jerry Musical Stairs played 17,235 times to date and played 4,672 times this month.  Tom and Jerry are at it again.  Help Jerry climb the musical stairs.
Tom & Jerry Musical Stairs
Pony Creator v3 played 619,789 times to date and played 2,051 times this month.  Create your very own Pony with this Pony Creator Game
Pony Creator v3
Minecraft 2D Online played 54,955 times to date and played 1,396 times this month.  2D Minecraft World is 300 x 80 tiles (24,000 tiles per chunk)
Minecraft 2D Online
BTD5 Unlocked played 79,325 times to date and played 1,338 times this month.  As you know, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of the best ever free online tower defense games you can play with bloons (balloons) and monkey, and darts. Monkey throwing darts. AKA monkey towers.
Bloons Tower Defense 5
Unfair Mario played 324,966 times to date and played 1,311 times this month.  Play Mario where each new level tries to kill you. Can you remember where the traps are?
Unfair Mario
Create-A-Warrior played 29,455 times to date and played 1,251 times this month.  Create your own Warrior Cat, ready for the world.
BTD3 Unlocked played 43,902 times to date and played 1,218 times this month.  Here in the hacked BTD3 game online it gives you unlimited money so you can buy all the towers and upgrades that you want to keep your monkeys popping bloons until they are all officially popped and you can win the game easily.
Bloons Tower Defense 3 Unlocked
Mario Bros Flash v3.0 played 88,284 times to date and played 1,160 times this month.  You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser
Mario Bros Flash v3.0
Dress up Pusheen played 40,561 times to date and played 992 times this month.  Dress up Pusheen!
Dress up Pusheen
Mine Clone v2 Minecraft played 49,032 times to date and played 986 times this month.  If crafting a brave new world is on your mind, you should not skip this interesting game, which carries free environments for building everything.
Mine Clone v2 Minecraft
Mario Cart 3d played 88,222 times to date and played 870 times this month.  Mario lost his car and now he has to race his friends using something a little less conventional!
Mario Cart 3d
Mine Clone played 43,548 times to date and played 864 times this month.  Enjoy a Minecraft clone made in Unity3D. Build and Destroy to make your own mining area
Mine Clone
Worldcraft played 39,547 times to date and played 786 times this month.  Worldcraft, Imagine a world entirely of your own making...now go build it!
Mario Bros Flash (v3.0, level editor) played 203,643 times to date and played 741 times this month.  Yet another Super Mario flash remake. It has a level editor so have fun
Mario Bros Flash
Wolf Maker played 38,535 times to date and played 737 times this month.  <p>A beautiful maker which lets you personalize your wolf down to individual patches of color. Pick your exact color and save your palette for ultimate customization.</p>
Wolf Maker
Warrior Cat Maker V.4 played 29,845 times to date and played 730 times this month.  Warrior Cat Maker V.4
Warrior Cat Maker V.4
Run played 104,172 times to date and played 722 times this month.  Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!
Transylvania 2 played 22,030 times to date and played 642 times this month.  Pesky village people are obsessed with removing Vampy inside his own castle.  Help Vampy turn the villagers away....as zombies!
Transylvania 2
Bloons TD Battles played 27,995 times to date and played 637 times this month.  Play Bloons TD Battles - Multiplayer Tower Defense
Bloons TD Battles
Skincraft played 31,649 times to date and played 606 times this month.  Skincraft is a free and easy to use Tool for creating Minecraft Skins.
Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure played 51,703 times to date and played 538 times this month.  Wubbzy's Amazing Adventure Game
Wubbzys Amazing Adventure
  Games from WebPaws   (Z-A) or (A-Z)  
Kaylink's Fox Maker played 1,370 times to date.  Create a fun Fox with Kaylink's Fox Maker
Kaylink's Fox Maker
Kaylink's Wolf Maker played 2,498 times to date.  Create a Very Cool looking Wolf using Kaylink's Wolf Maker
Kaylink's Wolf Maker
Keyboard Party played 1,297 times to date.  A 1-4 player game where you pick a color and try to score more points then your friends by pressing the colored keys.
Keyboard Party
Kickoff Mayhem played 1,167 times to date.  Create matches, compete against other players and kick your way to glory in this interactive sports game.
Kickoff Mayhem
Kiki's Delivery Service played 135 times to date.  The wonderful witch is searching for a spellbinding new style. Do you have any tips for her?
Kiki's Delivery Service
Kingdom Rush played 404 times to date.  The kingdom is under attack! Defend your realm against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends; armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors and mages of your own!
Kingdom Rush
Kitsune Maker played 2,507 times to date.   Make your own Kitsune with this Kitsune Maker, Japenese for Fox.  F O X
Kitsune Maker
Kitten Can Fly played 325 times to date.  Holy heli cuteness! Capture these 'copter kittens and they're ALL YOURS
Kitten Can Fly
Kitten Creator by Kamirah played 4,701 times to date.  Create your own kitten.  You can color most all kitty parts to custom make your own unique kitten!
Kitten Creator
Kitten Creator 2 played 2,953 times to date.  Design your own adorable kitten. Choose from a beautiful variety of patterns that can be customized in color! Finally adorn your kitten with awesome, colored accessories.
Kitten Creator 2
Kitten Maker played 77,993 times to date.  Custom kitten creation: cause for a cat-lovers celebration!
Kitten Maker
Kitten Puzzle played 1,397 times to date.  Put cats in the right place and go to the next level.
Kitten Puzzle
Kitten, Cursor Thief played 520 times to date.  The kitten will follow u, trying to catch your mouse
Kitten, Cursor Thief
Kitty Cattastic played 1,147 times to date.  Fawn over this fortune-telling feline (and offer him plenty muffins) for your daily reading!
Kitty Cattastic
Kitty Jump played 1,066 times to date.  This is a really fun game.  Play It!
Kitty Jump
Kitty Jump Game played 319 times to date.  Help our cute little kitty to cross the waterfalls ad reach the other point with the help of the woodlog.
Kitty Jump Game
Kitty Kingdom played 1,004 times to date.  Trouble is afoot (or apaw?) in the kingdom of cats
Kitty Kingdom
Kitty Kingdom 2 played 457 times to date.  A sorceress accidentally cast a spell that scattered all the kingdom&rsquo;s kittens. Who can get them back?
Kitty Kingdom 2
Kitty Makeover played 669 times to date.  Make 'em meow for it!
Kitty Makeover
Kitty Match played 347 times to date.  Draw a line to connect kittens of matching colors!Use your mouse to draw lines to connect and match the kittens.
Kitty Match
Klondike Solitaire played 2,787 times to date.  Klondike Solitaire is a version of solitaire popularized by Microsoft Solitaire.
Klondike Solitaire
Kogama: Animations played 1,340 times to date.  Step into a world of wonder and animation with this Kogama level.
Kogama: Animations
Kogama: Basketball Arena played 1,414 times to date.  Hit the court and make a slam dunk in this sporty Kogama level.
Kogama: Basketball Arena
Kogama: Level Up played 840 times to date.  Get ready to take your world-building skills to a whole different level.
Kogama: Level Up
Kogama: SpeedRace played 4,962 times to date.  It's all about speed in this thrilling Kogama level! Start your engines!
Kogama: SpeedRace
Kogama: Zoo played 565 times to date.  When you find you've got a whole zoo to discover there's nothing left to do but go wild!
Kogama: Zoo
Kung Fu Hoops Madness played 1,616 times to date.  Challenge Po to Kung Fu Basketball!
Kung Fu Hoops Madness
Kung Fu Panda World : Tigress Jump played 1,237 times to date.  Soar sky high as Tigress!
Kung Fu Panda World : Tigress Jump
Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po played 3,269 times to date.  Relive the tales of the mighty DRAGON WARRIOR and Play Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po Free Online Now
Kung Fu Panda: Tales of Po
Kungfu Panda 2 played 1,226 times to date.  Help the kungfu panda to collect more coins and get ranked
Kungfu Panda 2
Lady Gaga Loves Makeovers played 1,315 times to date.  Lady Gaga would be lucky to have you as her makeover consultant!
Lady Gaga Loves Makeovers
Lady Gaga Makeover  played 1,085 times to date.  Lady Gagas got a closet full of crazy costumes, so the possibilities are endless!
Lady Gaga Makeover
Ladybug played 511 times to date.  Ladybug. Link chains of matching Lady Bugs together as they glide around on a block of ice!
Ladybug Tearoom played 833 times to date.  Brew these cheery bugs some enchanting tree teas!
Ladybug Tearoom
Ladybugs played 548 times to date.  Guide the ladybug to the exit house and go to the next level.